February Specials

Arancini with Roasted Pepper

FIGO pasta made fresh daily

Our rice balls with roasted red pepper in the mix, served with our four cheese sauce.

Broccoli and Potato


A touch of parmesan cheese makes this creamy soup of pureed potatoes, broccoli and spinach a cheery classic.

BLT Risotto


FIGO’s Italian take on the classic BLT features pancetta, arugula and vine-ripened tomatoes.

Cauliflower and Ginger Fusilli


Ginger fusilli together with roasted cauliflower, local tomatoes and capers tossed in a lemon vinaigrette.

Ravioli dello Chef


Chef’s choice of ravioli lemon zest, and mascarpone paired with a spicy twist on our 4 cheese and 4 herbs sauce.