October Specials

Arancini di SeaMonster


Something delicious lurks in our fried rice balls stuffed with sea kale, sea salt, lemon, and squid ink.

Bloody Mary Bisque


A hauntingly fun twist on classic tomato bisque, blended with giardiniera, horseradish, and smoky bacon.

Jack-o-Lantern Risotto


No tricks, only treats with this creamy Carnaroli rice mixed with fire roasted pumpkin spice masala.

Rigatoni alla Dracula


Sink your fangs into FIGO’s black pepper rigatoni tossed in a roasted garlic cream sauce, with cloves of garlic confit and traditional Transylvanian sausage.

Ravioli di Clarice


Savory beef liver and fava beans star in FIGO’s ravioli tossed in a “nice Chianti” sauce.