November Specials

Sweet Potato Soufflé Arancini


Gather around the table with our classic fried rice balls stuffed with maple and cinnamon seasoned sweet potatoes

and a gooey marshmallow center.

Cranberry Sauce Soup


FIGO’s creamy holiday soup delights with sweet and tangy cranberries, speckled with robust soy-roasted corn.

Bourbon Glazed Carrot Risotto


Warm up with our velvety Carnaroli rice mixed with oaky bourbon glazed carrots and hints of holiday spice.

Canadian Thanksgiving


Poutine goes Italian with this beet flavored gemelli in a hearty Thanksgiving-inspired gravy sauce with cheddar cheese curds and pancetta.

Turducken Ravioli


Turkey, duck, and chicken stuff FIGO’s ravioli tossed in our creamy mushroom sauce with dried cranberries.