March Specials

Bacon Arancini

figo rice balls

Classic fried rice balls filled with bacon bites served with our four cheese dipping sauce.


Eggs and semolina are whisked into a rich chicken stock with spinach and a dash of nutmeg.

Sea Bass Risotto

Kalamata olives and sautéed sea bass join in a creamy and subtly spicy risotto with pomodoro sauce.

Leek and Bacon Penne

Roasted local leeks and smoky bacon are blended into a fit-for-spring pink cream sauce tossed with penne and dusted with butter-toasted breadcrumbs.

Roasted Pepper and Mushroom Ravioli

Roasted red peppers, button mushrooms and ricotta fill FIGO’s ravioli that is then tossed with local tomatoes, mozzarella,

crushed red pepper and parsley.